Pre-Listing Inspection

The Pre-listing Inspection is also known as a sellers inspection, a pre-market inspection, or a pre-list inspection. It is performed by people who have not currently have their house for sale to the public, but are planning to put their home on market in the near future.

The pre-listing home inspection is ideal for homeowners who may not be well-informed about the state of their property. An inspection by a certified home inspector offers the benefit of discovering undetected issues. This in turn provides a solution which allows the homeowner to proactively handle the now identified problems. Doing so provides an money saving opportunity by allowing for ample time to obtain repair estimates without the added stress of impending closing deadlines. The extra time also allows for working with the scheduling needs of the repair professionals chosen.

However, if the homeowner chooses not to repair the issues, a pre-listing inspection, provides the seller with the valuable information regarding any potential issues before entering into negotiations for a purchase agreement. This allows the seller the upper hand in knowing what could potentially be a bargaining chip looking to get a lower prices on a contract.

Bottom line is that pre-Listing Inspections have the potential to uncover significant issues that may result in concessions worth thousands of dollars in the future. Rather than engaging in disputes with buyers regarding the appropriate amount of concessions for a broken fencepost or a malfunctioning HVAC system, you have the opportunity to address these problems at your convenience with your preferred service provider. This advantage is particularly valuable for owners of older homes, as they may harbor costly hidden issues.